This session will provide an overview of the current state of healthcare sustainability in Canada and impart a framework for planetary healthcare with instructive examples of work being done to improve healthcare sustainability in Canada.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the three operating principles of a low-carbon healthcare system.
  • Identify opportunities to improve sustainability within pathology.

Meet the Speaker: Dr. Andrea MacNeil

Dr. Andrea MacNeill is a surgical oncologist at Vancouver General Hospital and BC Cancer, and a clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia where she specializes in sarcoma and peritoneal malignancies. She is the founder and principal investigator of the UBC Planetary Healthcare Lab, a novel interdisciplinary research collaborative dedicated to creating health systems that promote both human and planetary health. As the Regional Medical Director of Planetary Health for Vancouver Coastal Health, she is working on a transformational planetary health strategy for the health authority, to mitigate the healthcare climate footprint while creating health and social value. She is an executive member of CASCADES, a national knowledge mobilization network for accelerating the transition to low-carbon, sustainable healthcare systems.

Event Timeslots (1)

Day 2
Speaker: Dr. Andrea MacNiell