Medical Device Reprocessing has often been described as the Heart of the Hospital, continuously receiving medical devices from all corners of the health facility, and beyond, reprocessing them and sending them back in an efficient, timely manner. It’s a fast paced, equipment heavy, high volume department with a multitude of clients, countless varieties of medical devices, strict standards and policies to maintain, budgetary constraints and huge human resources to manage. In this presentation we’ll discuss the important characteristics, leadership styles and useful tools of an effective MDRD leader.

 Meet the Speaker: Albert Csapó

Albert Csapó is the Regional Director for Clinical Utilization at Vancouver Coastal Health, the Director of Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) at 3 hospitals in British Columbia, and the immediate Past President of the Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing (CAMDR). His ambition is to refine and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Perioperative Services departments while advancing Planetary Health concerns throughout the Health Authority for the benefit of patients and staff through the utilization of new technologies, innovative processes and resource allocation initiatives. This drive has led to the implementation of a regional instrument tracking system, automated sterile storage, 3rd party reprocessing partnerships, UV high level disinfection practices and numerous environmental initiatives.
Albert is a proponent of higher education and encourages his management team and staff to advance their knowledge and competencies to enhance their workplace experience and develop their career objectives. He is the Chair of the Vancouver Community College MDR Tech Program Advisory Committee, is a graduate of the University of Regina with a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, and received his Bachelor’s Degree through the University of Toronto.

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Day 3
How to manage the massive department, navigating the procurement process.
Speaker: Albert Csapo