MDR Week 2023

Medical Device Reprocessing Week

CAMDR Superheros

Celebrate Medical Device Reprocessing Week with CAMDR

MDR week is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate our profession than showing other healthcare professionals and the public the invaluable work we do! Across North America the festivities for MDR Week this year are scheduled for October 8-14.

This week is intended to raise awareness and to appreciate the efforts of these MDR professionals who work behind the scenes and are of vital importance to healthcare provision.

Health care facilities require devices that have been through rigorous cleaning and high-level disinfection & sterilization processes for procedures that will save lives; with the focus on reducing the spread of diseases and the proper & safe reprocessing of reusable medical and surgical instruments, patient care is of the utmost importance. This is possible because of Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) Departments!

There are so many ways to highlight the important role MDR plays in health services that our patients rely on for safe, quality care. This includes hosting an open house for hospital employees, providing them insight into where you are located, the layout of your department, the countless number of instruments and devices you are responsible for reprocessing and most importantly to introduce the staff that make all this possible. Another way of making your department known is by creating posters highlighting the important work you do, group pictures of staff, and providing demonstrations of different instrument sets that your facility uses. CAMDR encourages you to share your ideas, stories and photos of MDR week with CAMDR. We would like to add your photos and stories to our social media accounts and provide visibility to MDR across CANADA!

On behalf of the CAMDR Board of Directors, Happy Medical Device Reprocessing Week to All!