Garry Bassi

President Elect

Garry Bassi is the Director of Medical Device Reprocessing and Support Services at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, He has been working in the field of Medical Device Reprocessing since 2013. He has currently taken on the Portfolio for Support Services and is looking forward to migrating the knowledge to raise the standards in the hospital.

Garry started his journey when he graduated from the United Kingdom with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Drug Delivery) and completed his dissertation paper on “The effectiveness of Potassium Permanganate as a disinfectant against E.Coli in third world countries”.

Garry was intrigued by the way microbes can be destroyed from his studies and knew from day one that he wanted to be dealing with something related to this field. He started his career in the Pharmaceutical industry formulating, tableting and encapsulating various drugs and vitamins, and eventually moved into the Food Industry working with large industrial sterilizers.

Garry has completed his CSA CMDRT certification and has worked in the private Medical Device Reprocessing field for 4 years. He sits on the CSA Z8000 Health Care Facilities sub working group for Medical Device Reprocessing.

Garry is the course coordinator and instructor for Seneca college for the Medical Device Reprocessing certification.

Garry has held the director of Education Position at the provincial level for the Medical Device Reprocessing Association of Ontario (MDRAO) and is currently the President Elect for the Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing (CAMDR).

Garry has a passion for teaching and education and is continually looking for opportunities to move the MDRD industry a step higher and is passionate about, helping audit reprocessing facilities associated with hospitals and out of hospital clinics to make communities safer for our next generation.