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Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing

Canadian Leaf The Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing is born of the identified need to serve and support its membership and shared learnings with other healthcare professionals and industries with whom we interact.
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CAMDR’s Vision and Mission

Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing (CAMDR) is a national voice and leader in Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR)practices. CAMDR collaborates with other national and international organizations to provide its members with professional development and to elevate the quality and standards.

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What Our Members Say

As a CAMDR member I gained exclusive access into traveling coast to coast in Canada. Which gave me the privilege to keep higher standards and to be more productive in the fast paced environment. Knowing that patients are getting the best care with my higher level of knowledge, leads to satisfaction in my life.

Marta Horvath

I firmly believe that it’s the best thing anyone in MDRD can do for their career. Membership has advantages for professionals at all levels. There’s networking, professional development, friendship and fun!!

Julius Celis